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The Butterflies and Moths are mixed together.  However, every Butterfly contains the KEYWORD = "butterfly" and every Moth contains the KEYWORD = "dayflyingmoth" OR "nightflyingmoth". Hence, you can use these KEYWORDs in the "Search by Keyword" Menu Selection to select on "butterfly" or "dayflyingmoth" or "nightflyingmoth".



You will see the BUY icon on every photo which allows you to buy Paper Prints, KeepSakes and Digital Downloads with the watermarks REMOVED from the photos.  SMUGMUG has a very nice Shopping Cart and allows you to pay with either PayPal or a Credit Card.


There is one really SCREWY thing about Paper Prints that I should tell you about. That is, you have the option

of adding "Mountings and Finishes" to Paper Prints ONLY AFTER you add the Paper Prints to the Shopping Cart.

AFTER you add the Paper Prints to the Shopping Cart just click on [Add Frames and More] to add "Mountings and Finishes".

2) DOWNLOADS(single photo JPEG digital downloads)

    Watermarks will NOT appear on the download images.

    Your only option is for a PERSONAL PHOTO LICENSE which is fully described when you go to BUY a DOWNLOAD.

    After checking out, Customers will retrieve their downloads by clicking the links that they are sent.

    You can now choose from the following 2 sizes:

    A) WEB-SIZE which is about 270 KB. The display size on a monitor will be 5.25 X 7.75 inches.

    B) LOW-RES which is about 880 KB. The display size on a monitor will be 10 X 15 inches.

        NOTE, this is BIGGER than the largest size that I display in BRUCEBLUE.SMUGMUG.COM which is about 700 KB,

        which has a display size of 8.5 X 12.5 inches.



I have Registered all of the butterfly photos on this Site with the "United States Copyright Office".  What that means is that if someone uses one of my butterfly photos without my permission I'm entitled to statutory damages up to $150,000 per infringement and legal fees, in addition to being compensated for usage fees.

PINTEREST USERS ARE FREE TO PIN ANY OF THE LEPIDOPTERA  IN THIS SMUGMUG WEB SITE( ==================================================================================================================================

The WARNING above does NOT apply to PINTEREST Users who just want to PIN my butterflies/moths on their boards.