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Ornithoptera Victoriae Rubianus -Male

Ornithoptera Victoriae Rubianus -Male -Ranongga Island, Solomon Islands -(5 in wingspan).

The subspecies Rubianus can be found on a couple islands in the Solomon Islands, but NOT on Bougainville Island(which is politically part of Papua New Guinea). Every subspecies of Ornithoptera Victoriae resides geographically in the Solomon Islands but unless it resides on Bougainville Island it has been impossible to import it into the USA since 2003 for some crazy reason that only CITES can explain.
This specimen came from the Laurrent Collection and was captured on May 25, 1967.
It is Extremely Hard to capture because the Male only flies at the top of the Rain Forest. Consequently the first one that the English captured was taken down with a shotgun.

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