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Ornithoptera Victoriae Regis(yellow form) -Male

Ornithoptera Victoriae Regis(yellow form) -Male -Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea -(5.5 in wingspan).

This is a Very Iridescent Green and Yellow Butterfly.
The subspecies Regis is endemic to Bougainville Island, which is geographically part of the Solomon Islands, but politically part of Papua New Guinea. Every subspecies of Ornithoptera Victoriae resides in the Solomon Islands.
The common name for Ornithoptera Victoriae is 'Queen Victoria's Birdwing' as it was named after Queen Victoria when the English first discovered it in the 19th Century.
It is Extremely Hard to capture because the Male only flies at the top of the Rain Forest. Consequently the first one that the English captured was taken down with a shotgun.

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